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Wilson was born and raised in the small town of West Milton, north of Dayton Ohio. "I remember my mother working on various art projects, painting and sculpting. She'd always encourage my artistic side. We'd collect clay from a revine in the woods near our house and make sculptures from it. In elementary school. I'd also draw comic characters for my schoolmates to take home with them. They loved it! Josh later worked the family business, a classic filling station, pumping gas and changing tires. This fueled his passion for classic cars. Even through his passion for automobiles was strong, it was not enough to devote his life to it. The dream of being a professional artist was in his blood. And after getting tattooed a couple of times, Wilson realized this is it! Upon completing a crash course in tattooing at the first street shop that would take him. Wilson left that shop and is now pursuing his artistic goals on the grandest scale! Doing it better each and everyday!

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