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Welcome to the first digital issue of this one of a kind online tattoo magazine.

MOMENTUM TATTOO MAGAZINE is dedicated to bringing you the latest in happenings, as well as celebrating events from our tattooed past. This online magazine will cover the tattooers of the future, bitchin hot rods and their tattooed builders, up and coming tattooed bands, tattoo events and conventions, and other tattoo happenings from near and far.

Come check out and celebrate the culture that surrounds the incredible world of tattooing we all love so much!

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Tattoo Artist Kevin Rotramel Has Been One of Truth & Triumph Tattoos Longest Running Team Players

After receiving a half ass apprenticeship at a local tattoo spot in the town he lived in, Rotramel finished polishing his skills as a new tattooer at Dayton, Ohio's Truth & Triumph Tattoo. After graduating from college with a bachelors degree, and spending a few years in corporate America, he soon realized that lifestyle wasn't for him. This tattooed hard rockin' record store junkie had a different calling. Being a visual artist who began drawing as soon as he could hold a crayon, Kevin developed his art skills as the years progressed. As time went by, the more his talent developed. Rotramel met tattoo shop owner Brian Brenner in Brenner's studio. He was going shop to shop selling his artwork. Brenner immediately saw the potential this young driven artist had, and quickly offered him an opportunity to finish his apprenticeship. Kevin was a sure fire success from the start. His tattoos were very soft and meticulous. His professionalism was just as impressive as his artwork. That being a rarity in the tattoo business, Kevin had an edge from the start. Kevin has been one of the longest running tattooers at the TRUTH & TRIUMPH tattoo company. His dedication and appreciation for where he works has always exceeded most of his teammates. While most tattooers treat their opportunity to be a tattooer as some 9-5 job they take for granted….Rotramel has always been a stand out because of his ability to recognize his position for what it is. A lucky spot to be in! One that treats him and his family with the same fine treatment he gives it! Kevin is notorious for giving it his all, and his clientele is beyond consistent, like his work! Kevin is the kind of tattooer that has always attracted customers. His super soft and delicate style gets as much attention as any. Kevin has the attitude of gratitude. While most tattooers are far too busy complaining bout what they don't have, Kevin is too busy appreciating the things he does. He is a true model of success, and we are all thankful that he is a permanent fixture of our team!

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Dayton Ohio Rock Band IN THE CUT Creates an Enormous Stir and Name For Themselves with McGuffy's SELLOUT!

It seems as if everyone is in a rock and roll band these days. The amount of local bands putting on shows are as plentiful as movies rolling in the theaters. Any given night, you can find a live act performing in bars and clubs across town, and all styles as well. Rap, Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues, Metal, whatever your pleasure, there is a spot and a band for you. One of Dayton's recent standouts goes by the name of IN THE CUT. Frontman Dan DeNoncker made a goal with himself. His goal was to SELL OUT one of Dayton's most notorious rock clubs, McGuffy's House of Draft. A venue holding between 500-600 people seemed like an impossible feat with no national act, and only a line up of locals. Well with a lot of planning, and a team of killers backing him up, Dan accomplished what was said to be the impossible! He SOLD OUT the venue a week before the show. He had the Truth & Triumph Tattoo studio backing him with online support, and he was also using the shop's marketing resources to push the event he titled "Moshpits and Lighters." While he was organizing his army of troopers to push the pre-sale tickets, the other bands were hard at work as well. This event most definitely put Dan's name on the map, and turned the head of Truth & Triumph Tattoo owner Brian Brenner. "We need this guy on promo!" said Brenner. Dan's rock band, In the Cut, is quickly making a name for themselves in Dayton, Ohio. Their McGuffys sellout was a major factor in this, and the capability of this new band to attract fans will doubtfully be questioned from here on out. Dan's future goals for his band is to record an album that accurately portrays the band, play as many shows as possible, and to eventually be in full command of Truth & Triumph's multitude of events the tattoo shop hosts to create the community and culture that revolves around the tattoo super studio. So if it is a bad ass event you are looking for, or a kick ass rock and roll band you are looking for, Dan and his crew can more than deliver the goods! Look for more IN THE CUT to come soon!

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Tattoo Artist's 1953 Chevy Street Rod to Remember!

One of the things that sets the tattooers at the Truth & Triumph Tattoo studio apart from the crowd is the guys love of driving, you can see these guys on any given day cruising the streets of Dayton in one of their many eye catching classics. Impalas, Bel Airs, Lead Sleds, Pick ups, you name it….THEY GOT EM! One of the most trick customs among the tattoo crew's collection, is shop owner, Brian Brenner's 1953 Sedan Street Rod! A solid car, a lot of elbow grease, and a few bucks was all it took to make this jaw dropping gem happen. Its fire engine red paint job is complemented with a jet black top. The wide whites on some black rally wheels, and the two tone black and white interior made for a perfect match and contrast against the bright red paint and original shiny chrome bumpers. The windows were removed and channeled. All of the emblems and handles and most of the trim was removed, as well as a meticulously smoothed firewall for an extra sleek and clean look. The front and rear end was narrowed after replacing the chassis, and the rear end was tubbed to make room for the 10 inchers under the rear of this lead sled. Under the hood sits a slightly hopped up 350 small block with a set of flows that dump out in front of the rear tires. This beauty sounds as good as she looks, and will steal the attention away from just about any custom she comes in contact with. There is little that is conventional about this car, but its originality and style supersedes all of that. This car lacks no vibe of its true period, and is proof you don't have to play by the rules to build a bad ass custom!





Brian Brenner - Tattoo of the Day
Josh Cook

Truth & Triumph Tattoo Owner Wins "Tattoo Of The Day" At Hell City

One of the most notorious tattoo conventions in the USA and abroad is the HELL CITY tattoo convention. It is cram packed with the very best tattooers from around the world. There is a long list of seminars, and an amazing live art show for the enormous amount of spectators that attend each and every year. The floor is packed with the greatest talent from around the world. If you are lucky enough to get tattooed at this prestigious event, you really are one of the lucky ones! There is an art fusion experiment for artists to watch and participate in, many tattoo contests, and many bands and sideshow performers in action throughout the entire weekend. Well the Last HELL CITY in Killumbus our very own "Bossman Brian Brenner," won the highly sought after TATTOO OF THE DAY. The tattoo of the day award is given to the BEST tattoo done on the floor of the convention. It is an extremely hard award to get, especially at a world class convention such as this. There are so many amazing tattooers that the competition is steep! Well steep or not, the show goes on. The tattoo of the day contest happens at the end of convention day. At a convention like HELL CITY, there are hundreds of entries, and the judges must be on their A-game. This contest is one of the hardest to judge, as well as win. Well at the end of the day, the TRUTH & TRIUMPH crew was victorious when the Bossman took the award. Best Tattoo! Winning that award was a major feat in the world of Truth & Triumph. Not just anyone wins a HELL CITY award, and a very very select few win the TATTOO OF THE DAY! The select few that attain this award really have proven themselves at an event such as this. TT is memorable for so many reasons, and this is one of them for sure!





St. Anne's Hill Revival Has Attracted Urban Pioneers and Historical Connoisseurs As Well as Businesses

Overlooking the downtown Dayton city skyline is a beautiful site from the St. Anne's Hill Historical District. The district is loaded with Victorian era historical homes and business store fronts that are occupied with specialty shops, a pizzeria, and art galleries as well. It's becoming one of the "must visit" areas of downtown. The area is still under urban rehabilitation, and is growing fast. The homes are becoming a very desirable place to reside. There are such unique pieces of architectural history in the neighborhood. It's old world charm is sure to impress the most discriminating homeowners. The Stivers School of the Arts sits smack dab in the center of the neighborhood. From visual art, dance, and music, it is what the Stivers school is all about. It is in such a suiting place. The setting is very artsy, and the living environment is incredible. Many of the neighborhood's inhabitants have rehabbed their homes themselves. This adds all the more sense of community and desirability of being there. The downtown area has many historical districts. It is one of the things that adds to the charm of the city. From the Art Institute, to Carillon park, not to mention the revamped college district, The Webster Street Market, and the new residential lofts going in seemingly everywhere in town. Dayton is the place to be for the pioneers of the concrete jungle and those with the appreciation of the charming character of yesterday.